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Small and neat.

You may lower the hi-hats, but it is not really a bothering factor. One thing you can do to give it more life is to play around with the velocity of those keys. It sounds a little flat, as if every key is pressed with equal force. Doing so would give it more dynamic and organic feeling.

Otherwise its a pretty fun listen

Tangeroni responds:

Oh, thank you for the helpful feedback. Helpful people who give feedback are surprisingly hard to find (excluding you 50steaks). Thank you. I'm just a little scared to add more dynamics because if they're used too much then they may become extremely distracting.

Beautiful and calm.
Although its a game of which i do not share too many fond memories of, i believe it still captures its heart for those who do.

Overall a great tribute to a great game :)

Im not in a position to give correct commentary about the message, however i still want to give my thoughts on the composition itself. To put it straight: it feels weak and a little silly at parts. It didnt feel like it handled this particular topic in its seriousness, but rather in a somewhat inappopriate whimsical tone. The whole experience feels light, therefore stripping the whole message from its seriousness.
Although i see the intent in the lyrics, it is light and unremarkable in its execution, representing a serious topic in a seemingly silly way.

I understand what the intention is, but it does not convey this believeably.

ZipZipper responds:

So actually, you do understand the message if you can comprehend a disconnect between the style? The reason I do it in such a way is because the movement itself is the culmination of exhaustion having to convince White people of such a painfully simple message. So, the lighthearted sound is a way to express how eagerly optimistic some of us are to move on, and perhaps also a way to get the really stupid people to internalize the message. Clearly, I've underestimated the moral stupidity of people, because even though they say they don't get it...they're getting confused or mad at this lol


This is an amazing piece to jump to. Here are some of my highlights:
I absolutely love the beats and rythms at 1:08 and 3:25. Also those bells at 2:17, combined with the bouncing drums give it very appropriate mood.
For me its one of your best tracks i have heard so far.

Wish you the best of 2021 :)

ElMarianz responds:

Thanks bud, i put a lot of effort into this track and it was a very good track after all. And sorry for the time i took to respond, didn't see the comment till now. Happy New year :3

Instruments are clean and cold and the sub feels super smooth. Although it is lacking in the details your previous work has flourished in, i think that it is for tracks benefit. The composition in general is more minimalistic and laid-back which i really like. I would say that, for its theme, there is a little too much focus on sub, but it doesnt take away from the experience.

I feel as if im looking through huge and open frozen fields that are only bordered by thick and snowy forests. Great work and perfecly calming end to the otherwise confusing year :D

I am definitely not the right person to appreachiate the technical execution of the composition, but i can tell you how i feel about that.

The movements on each individual instruments are pleasing at the least and chilling at their best. It is a gust of fresh air i have needed for a long time now. Composition in general feels like an elegant, and slick dance between melodies giving it the energy i wish to hear more often.

I may update this review upon more listens, but i wanted to get my raw feelings written down before they fade.

Keep composing and inspiring :)

Another solid piece added to your ever-growing collection

It does have few problems that i will explain, but before ill tell you what i like about it.
Mixing is amazingly thick and clean. Instrumentation is combined really well with effects making it feel very open but packed. Both characteristics combined gives the track a certain, almost dream-like feeling.

However i do have 2 little complaints as well.
As i said the mix feels thick, however it does feels focused on its bass and drums a little bit too much. Though it is what DnB should focus on, I wouldn't bring this up if both bass and drums had more variety. Throughout these 3 drops i didnt really hear difference between its basslines or drum articulations. Its a shame, because everything that is not playing in the low-end sounds beautiful and well rounded in terms of variety. If the low end were to give room to high-end or the low-end was more varied then this section of the comment would not exist.

Besides that i did still greatly enjoy this one and if you can or want to, then you can think about these critisisms in your next piece :)

Despite its flaws, definitely an experience of quality and care.

Absolute fucking treat. You have improved your coposition and bass design so drastically within last three or four months.

The mix is amazingly spacious and thick at the same time. The overall atmosphere is fast and intense, yet gentle when it needs to be. Definitely one of my most favourite tracks you have put out in a while.

You are going stronger than ever, and let the inertia carry you further. Dont slow down to wait :D


DrayxMusic responds:

Thanks so much! :D

Master is a bit rough and overcompressed. Besides that, the sound design is satisfyingly heavy and the drop as a whole feels really deep (in a good way).

Looking forward to its release :)


Vortonox responds:

Thank you :)


The bass synthesis you mentioned really shows and elevates this piece :)
(I imagine original sounds being a lot harsher then they are here)
Overall, great job as always :D


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