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Humorous indeed

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13 loops high score.

Amazing experience all around

This game goes a lot deeper than i initially thought

very sweet and fun mechanics

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Small and neat.

You may lower the hi-hats, but it is not really a bothering factor. One thing you can do to give it more life is to play around with the velocity of those keys. It sounds a little flat, as if every key is pressed with equal force. Doing so would give it more dynamic and organic feeling.

Otherwise its a pretty fun listen

Tangeroni responds:

Oh, thank you for the helpful feedback. Helpful people who give feedback are surprisingly hard to find (excluding you 50steaks). Thank you. I'm just a little scared to add more dynamics because if they're used too much then they may become extremely distracting.

Beautiful and calm.
Although its a game of which i do not share too many fond memories of, i believe it still captures its heart for those who do.

Overall a great tribute to a great game :)

Im not in a position to give correct commentary about the message, however i still want to give my thoughts on the composition itself. To put it straight: it feels weak and a little silly at parts. It didnt feel like it handled this particular topic in its seriousness, but rather in a somewhat inappopriate whimsical tone. The whole experience feels light, therefore stripping the whole message from its seriousness.
Although i see the intent in the lyrics, it is light and unremarkable in its execution, representing a serious topic in a seemingly silly way.

I understand what the intention is, but it does not convey this believeably.

ZipZipper responds:

So actually, you do understand the message if you can comprehend a disconnect between the style? The reason I do it in such a way is because the movement itself is the culmination of exhaustion having to convince White people of such a painfully simple message. So, the lighthearted sound is a way to express how eagerly optimistic some of us are to move on, and perhaps also a way to get the really stupid people to internalize the message. Clearly, I've underestimated the moral stupidity of people, because even though they say they don't get it...they're getting confused or mad at this lol

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Alright, have a nice day then

NeoD-ray responds:

Good, ignore him.


Love the animations. great compromise for somewhat lacking details :)

NeoD-ray responds:

"The best possible with the bare minimum."

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