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13 loops high score.

Amazing experience all around

This game goes a lot deeper than i initially thought

very sweet and fun mechanics

It somehow gave short rebirth to a dead meme.
Not going to say it was worth it, but i am going to say that you, through some miracle, made it into a somewhat likable experience.

Maybe, the animation, maybe the self-awareness.
In either way, you (almost) found the way.


jeremy7986 responds:

THX! Maybe developing a game or drawing an animation is De Wae for me! :D

speed run 1:04 :p


This game lacks many things, but ill give you the major ones.
-Adding sound effects would make it more exiting
-I dont remember missiles flapping and bouncing. You should think of better controls (like make it follow the mouse in Y axis)
-design is not appealing
-gameplay is waaaaay to repetitive

hope you take these as a suggestions, not as a threat.


ptshortsgames responds:

Thank you for taking the time to write a helpful, honest review.

One could not agree more about the sound effects; unfortunately, the sound producer wasn't able to join the effort within the short window. But there will be an update with sound effects and music, given that it's prepared in time before the C3 Jam license period ends.

Overall, this was made in the past 2 days. You might like the recent update better. Hope that you'll give it another shot. Thanks again and thanks for playing.


No background, glitching through walls, lame and obnoxious level design and just empty.

If it is test then its fine, but we like to keep Newgrounds clean of those things.

keep improving...


PAQGD responds:

Hey, thanks for the feedback, this was my first ever game attempt and it's a tester for a university project. I will definitely keep developing.

Pretty good, nothing too special for me cause i usually suck at this kind of stradegy games.

But other people might find this enjoyable.


controls are broken. try adding diagonal movement, it smoothens the controls tremendously.

xDarkDaniel88 responds:

thanks for the advice!!
I will try to improve the controls for the next versions ^^

PD. Controls Updated!

very basic :-/

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