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Ramn0's News

Posted by Ramn0 - June 29th, 2022

Hey look! I finally uploaded something :o

It has been a while since that has (properly) happened. Im not gonna spend much time talking about the latest release. All you need to know has already been told in the description of the track, which means that you should definitely check it out (at least if you want to read the description)

Oh, and here is an image of the messy project file:


Now about the future: I have managed to find more time to work on music again, however since university and actual expenses are waiting for me (not to mention an actual job), it wont be like that forever. In other words i need to start managing my time, compromising wherever i need to and that also includes music production.

Now that can mean 2 things:

A) The quality and detail of my projects will briefly decline, in favour of more sincere and frequent uploads

B) You start hearing a lot less from me. Not as bad as last 12 months has been, but not too far from it either.

Which option i'll utilize is still up for a debate, but one will certanly go into action.

Also a small update from the WIP department.

Here is a vague list of all the projects to come and their progress:

Purple-Rocket remix - 14% (arranging)

"No is Static" - 20% (arranging)

"Deterioration" - 30% (arranging)

experimental "Kirby and the Forgotten land remake" - 84% (mastering, fine-tuning, polishing)

"Stagnation" - 19% (on hold)

"A place in this" - 20% (on hold)

"Subliminal" - 57% (arranging, polishing)

Now you may say that it ruins the surprise, but im releasing this info to pressure myself to finish these, because now you too know whats up. And you still dont really know what they are about exactly, so you are not exactly spoiled.

I am probably forgetting something. If i remember what it is, I'll update the post

Until then I wish you a great day :)



Posted by Ramn0 - March 12th, 2022

There won't be any new releases before June 2022


Posted by Ramn0 - October 29th, 2021

So its that time of the year again.

Not gonna say i am surprised, but time has truly flown fast for me. So fast in fact, that i noticed i had barely released anything. As i am serving my time in the defence forces in the moment, i could not work on anything major. Therefore here is a release that is definitely more ,,out there" for me. It does fit the atmosphere of late october, early November so i found that it would be the best time to release this... Experience. (Calling it music is a bit broad by standard definitions)

Bandcamp link

I hope you'll enjoy this and dont worry.

Next year will be an interesting (and more active) one ;)


Posted by Ramn0 - January 6th, 2021

Yes, you are seeing it right

As my last release indicated, the age of Foggysunday is over. Initially i had plans for a double release (as FGS and as Ramno), but sadly i could not find time to focus on both so take it as it is for now.

This change does not mark a change in direction per say, but it does mark the end of an era. For me Foggysunday represented a time of childlike learning and pretention. A time where every idea held exitement and value. It was in my interests to learn and improve in a playful way and express mainly with my imagination. In the end that goal has been fulfilled with ,,Mess Under Control" and now i see no reason to not set myself new goals and with those a new name.

So what can one expect now? Well most of what my work previously had will still be intact. My bigger projects should not sound too different than you are used to hearing from me. However i may start uploading smaller, seemingly weirder stuff as well. I have finally reached a level of general production that i want to expand towards weirder or traditional territories. Its mostly the conceptiual that is going to feed those weirder projects. In other words you can expect everything expected and anything unexpected (if that makes any sense)

Im not sure when i can demonstrate what i mean since next 18 months are going to be extra busy for me, but ill try to get the most out of it. For now, im happy to present myself in a fresh, more genuine way.



Posted by Ramn0 - December 24th, 2020

So its that time of the year again.

Usually it would pass by with a simple announcment, but today i have something special for all fellow producers ;)


8 Metallic Percussions Deluxe 8


Although a bit of this was released a year ago, i decided to polish and expand upon it. As a result you can enjoy the pack in its intended entierty.

This foley pack will include (by folders):

>Kicks, hits and impacts



---->Kicks and whacks


>Slides and fills


Unfortunately i didnt fond time to finish the demo track so I'll leave it to you to figure out how to utilize these sounds. Im sure you figure something out :)

Once again, i wish you merry christmas :D


Posted by Ramn0 - September 6th, 2020


Decided to share some bits of information to clarify the schedule of upcoming months.

The short of it being: there is none

This does not mean that i have absolutely no projects in the works, but most of them are delayed to the first half of next year.

Nevertheless, you can still exept at least 1 other release this year. If everything works out, then maybe even this month ;)

Little preview

Project overview:

Currently worked on: 4

Planned, but not yet worked on: 5-7

And thats it for the update, as minor as it was.

Stay safe and wish you the best of Fall :D

Posted by Ramn0 - May 21st, 2020


After 4-5 months of work im more than happy to present to you my new EP :)

I got to utilize many new tricks, techniques and ideas that i previously couldn't which makes it into one of my more experimental albums (not too much, but experiemntal enough to be called experimental)


Unlike the release of my previous "Album" (more of a collection though), i wont bother you with much development details. If you have questions im happy to answer them, but currently im soo tangled up with this project that im finding it hard to correctly phrase my feelings, workflow and techniques. I also stepped up my visualizer for this release so if you want to check that out, its up on youtube.

There is also a sample pack coming along with the EP that includes 50 samples hand-picked from the EP. It is completely free, so you dont need to feel bad about downloading this :)

RIKE samples download


However if you are interested in supporting me and my work, then you can purchase the EP on Bandcamp.

With that i wish you all a sweet summer!



Posted by Ramn0 - March 18th, 2020

What a year it has been. and what a year the previous one was.

This post is not to announce something in particular, but more to just prepare you for this years lineup. Mostly because its more... out there for me.

This year im moving away from orchestral and traditional composition to focus on the vast world of sound design and explore a bit of my imagination. To put it straight: you are going to hear more experimental, somewhat less refined, but definitely more original work from me. Im not completely abandoning orchestral composition. In fact i have other plans for it, but thats for a future post ;)

I hope that you buckle up because you may just hear things outside my usual boundaries. Changes are coming...

Stay safe and wash your hands :)

Posted by Ramn0 - October 22nd, 2019

Yea, im aware, that i havent worked on anything major lately. Mostly School that pushes me into that braindead mindset. However i did get to finish one project that i started for fun back in June: My own recorded sound pack.

Now is it anything special? No, but it is something useful. And for musicians of variety, i think that this pack includes some really interesting and "more-useful-than-you-may-initially-think" sounds. At least, thats the value i found from it.

Now i dont know, if im going to turn this into series. This pack in particular was actually really fun to make, but im still afraid to make any promises. I guess thats for the time and inspiration to tell.

Anyways i hope that you have fun with this (presumably) first pack in the series :D


FoggySunday Sound Pack #1 - Metallic Hardware

Percussive library themed around metal and construction.

84 recorded sounds from workshops and construction sites including: 

- chain hits

- barrel impacts

- nailbox hits

- metal scratches

- other SFX

Also includes Demo .flp file

Download: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1uEIkzM2yfYic8kTeLSNLDv-q49TcR4zD?usp=sharing





Posted by Ramn0 - July 25th, 2019

Thats it.

After 20 months of work i have finally freed myself from the collection. It feels amazing to finally finish this and i think that i wont have an experience, a feeling so good for a while. Its not because i didn't like working on each entry. I did. I was just lacking the freedom to really do whatever i want with the tracks due to the restrictions and thmes i assigned to each one. I often had to throw some unique and fun ideas off the table because i couldn't fit them in the theme of current entry and looking back, i see a lot of missed potential in each one. However the positives really outmatch the negatives. I find the experience priceless and discovered new methods and other very useful approaches. Again, i cant wait to apply them to my future projects.

Elixir of immortality

I had the idea since last years autumn, but i was very hesitant about it. It felt like it would be too big for me to handle. Then came Summer and i started working. At first i had plans on making it exclusively orchestrated, but that idea fell apart very quickly. I also realized that i cant really make this as polished as some other entries were, because then i would have worked myself crazy and probably wouldn't be even halfway by now. Thats why i aimed at its more symbolic meaning, being the climax of the collection. Piece was strongly inspired by Alon Mor's work. Specifically "Releasing the Handcuffs" and "Halpfire Harmonies" from which the first guided me in the compositional path and the second helped me see how experimental i could go without losing the thematic purpose. If you find time then you can check his other stuff out as well.

Eternal Curse

In all honesty, this track was actually an afterthought. Back when i was working on "Mundus" i wrote an orchestral clip which i was really proud of. However I couldn't fit it in anywhere so i saved it and moved on. Then i started working on the "final" entry (Elixir of Immortality) After a while, when i realized that the work is not going anywhere, i loaded up "Mundus" project file, and started playing with the orchestral clip. Then i realized that i could turn this into a sweet sendoff. Though the final results are not exactly what i planned, im still happy how it turned out. I had no intentions of voicing it, but it was 1:00 AM and i was tired. I recorded the lines and went to sleep. In the morning i saw potential in the recordings and i started editing the clip. For a first experience i'd say that it does not sound that bad.

In the end im proud that i've done this and i hope that i get to work on something simillar again (not in the near future though)

If you like some useless info and random numbers about the projects then HERE (will be updating it)


"Releasing the Handcuffs"

"Halpfire Harmonies"