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Ramn0's News

Posted by Ramn0 - October 1st, 2018

Im very happy to announce that the 5th enntry to the [EoI] collectio has been released. It was a joy to work on and @Drayxmusic a blast to work with. It resulted in something i could only make in my dreams before. It feels so satisfying to have those dreams come to reality. As it comes to raw work hours, it took us a while. But in my opinion, it was more than worth it. Perfecting it didn't feel at all abominable. 
So in the end i really hope you find some enjoyment out of this :)



Posted by Ramn0 - August 7th, 2018

Heh, i thought that i cant really make something original for a while, but this one surprised me. And on many levels. 
Workflow was very smooth, Sound design was amazingly fun (and effective), composing was uniquely entertaining and mixing/mastering was a breeze. Everything just went naturally with this one and im happy that it did cause the end results were equally satisfying. For me at least. You can have your own opinion on that one :)


ALSO some updates on the [Eoi] collection:

I know that i've been kinda late with the 4th entry since the year is pretty much 2/3 over and i havent even published my way to the halfway of the collection. Im trying to fix that in next few weeks in which i will not be taking any new projects. I will be focusing on the collection completely from now on to the end of the year. There still might be few original releases, but i can quarantee that i wont make over 1-3 original compositions. Just so what you can expect from me for later 2018.

OK. Important things out of the way, I'll be wishing you great end of 2018 :D


(UPDATE: 18/08/2018) 

Finally got the 4th entry of [Eoi] done :D
(too lazy to write another full length post about it so why not just add it here)


Posted by Ramn0 - May 7th, 2018

Since it is May, it means that exam periods are aproaching. Therefore i have to study this time. And study hard. Probably harder than usual (reason why im inactive, Discord people) 

Also, since it is the end of middle school, many of my classmates and friends will be leaving our school and since i am very proud of the memories we shared throughout those 9 grades, i decided to create something special for them. It will be released eventually, but as long as the exam periods last, you wont be hearing much from me.

Sidenote: I will be having some unfinished collabs finish. This could push the next entry a bit forward, but you may expect a period of very frequent uploads (not confirmed yet tough)

Will return in mid June :)


Posted by Ramn0 - April 24th, 2018

After many hours i finally got it out. The reason why i didnt make this post before was the visualiser which had to render like a day. But now it is released and im gld to share the reason of my inactivity with you :)


Posted by Ramn0 - February 18th, 2018

Finally managed to et the 2nd entry out. This time i took a more ambient turn and tried to make more chilling experience. I cant say if it worked before you take a llisten :)

Hope this collection is worth checking out :)


Posted by Ramn0 - January 15th, 2018

Finally released my first track of 2018 and opening entry to my collection of tracks called "Elixir of immortality"

Really hope it leaves an impression and an idea of what the collection could be when completed.

Enjoy :)


Posted by Ramn0 - November 14th, 2017

Woah, suddenly i have so many things to talk about. So much information has hit me within last few days. So let me start from the beginning:

1) Krattkings new EP.

Yes, it has been released. Reason why i find tha it is worth mentioning s that i was participant to his album and now since its out i want to show him some support :) (link can be found underneath)

2) New track.

 Also i got my final track (in 2017) released. Had it finished a while ago, but didnt want to overwhelm you with constant uploads. Hope you`ll enjoy since it is my first completed attempt with sound design.

3) Im taking small break

Now to the elephant in the room. I decided to take a small break from music. I have seen myself develop a solid ground to stand on with this year so i can take a break without losing any progress. The reason for that is mainly due to the extreme workflow i had on October. And even when i can say i enjoyed making so many tracks with so little time, then i cant say the same for releasing all of them. The most stressful part about uploading are the preparations. Unique descriptions for each platform i intend to upload (youtube, Newgrounds, Facebook, Soundcloud), Visualizing (and the god damn rendering) And of cource multiple quality checks multiply the work of what it takes to get a track released. All this makes being a producer a lot more sressful than it should be for me. So i want to slow down a bit. Also i have had plans on making short animation with blender, but i wont reveal much right now since the production is still under the question mark.

I hope that you understand and have a good day :)

Krattkings EP: "Hang in there!"  https://krattking.bandcamp.com/album/hang-in-there


Posted by Ramn0 - November 10th, 2017

So, i am finally allowed to release it. It was first planned to come out with the EP but due to some technical difficulties the release got delayed. However he allowed me to upload my submission already so i didnt hesitate for even a second.

Here it is, Partly orchestral, partly ambient, partly dubstep and partly out-of-this-world. Nice mixed bag when you ask me :P

He is most likely going to release it tomorrow heads up ;)

Krattking: https://krattking.newgrounds.com/


Posted by Ramn0 - September 17th, 2017

It is now done. i am more than happy to present you to my biggest projects yet. 

A lot of hard work went into this and i hope you find it enjoyable :-)


Posted by Ramn0 - August 19th, 2017

Many discoveries have been made, but none has been that ground breaking... or destructive..