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Ramn0's News

Posted by Ramn0 - June 11th, 2017

Woah, this one flew past me quickly.

It started as a simple orchestrial experiment and turned out 6 chapter story. I cant really explain it.

well first things first it was super fun to work on. I really haven`t felt such freedom in a long time. Compositions came easily and really worked out well side to side.

It is interesting how i actually made 4 genres into one track. Mostly Instrumental, but has elements of Ambience and even Dubstep. Plus some parts might even have the feeling of Trance.

Main key was C major tough...

Most of you dont know, but i usually despise that. Not only because it is generic, but because melodies are usually lame as well. Well i was proven wrong this time cause, SUPRISE, it actually turned out to be really solid key to write.

I really cant go into details cause as i said in the beginning: it flew past me quickly.

Hope you find it enjoyable :)



UPDATE (6.12.17; 7:15 EU)

Youtube link


Posted by Ramn0 - June 7th, 2017

Yes, you read it right.

It is cancelled. removed from production due to many problems it caused. I am not blaming the project as i am balming myself for this unpleasent suprise. Here are few main bugs i had with this... monstrosity:

-It filled my PC with uneccesary and corrupt stems (.wav files) which caused my PC to crash many times (may have to reset my computer completely)

-It sucked away all inspiration and motivation. 

-More i tried, worse it got.

-It was a timekiller (and not in a good way)

If you still want to listen to that, then here is the link:



There were few things what this project tought me and i try to apply those tips in my future tracks ;-)

Posted by Ramn0 - April 9th, 2017

Yup, i actually was able to release a new track before May. I find it kinda unbelivable, but it has been done already so no turning back now i quess. 

My new track is dedicated to Discord group called "Hypernova" (therefore came title of the track) who have supported me, given me feedback and just making my day when things are sad (dedication details are in the desc. of the track) 

About the production: 

Slow but Efirm and progressive. It was hard, but fun to work on. After small break i made (due to last track being scrapped) i wanted to make something experimental. And just so happened that dj-Nate released Theory of everything 3 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiAz__CBDIU), so i wanted to make something similliar starting off with simple reverby piano and choirs. But then things took a whole new direction if i suddenly, out of nowhere, came the saxophone melody. It mixed up everything. Then came the drop, which first seemed like impossible task because i decided to try out Xtrullors style. But after watching few tutorials i managed to pull this off. I quess that its all you need to know about production because other half came (as usual) with an ease. When i make a track, first part is the hardest, but when  reach halfway, the track pretty much builds itself.

Hope i didnt bore you with this post. I just wanted to share my proccess of production with you.

Be cool :-)



EDIT 09.04.17

Youtube video link:


Posted by Ramn0 - March 17th, 2017

Huh?.... no new songs? WHY?

Well the reason is really simple but sad for me. Few people who follow me on Facebook (behind that i mean that noone does XD) know that i was working on something huge for my low level skill on music making. I worked on it really hard, but then something horrible happened. I ran out of internal memory, so i decided, as a dummy i am, to delete all my "downloads". so i did, but less did i realize that pressing the "delete" button in recycle bin would delete all downloaded FX sounds and few presets (on wich the project was heavily relying on)

So now i am going through time of low spirits and incredebly low productivity wich means that there wont be new tracks seen before May (or in the worst case June)

I am deeply apologizing for this incident.

Posted by Ramn0 - February 19th, 2017

I just released random stick figure test, i made in 10 minutes with flash. 

I didn`t think it`ll get that much attention (yes, 2 comments is a lot for me) so i wanted to cover it quickly.

1) its a test:

I was testing my skills with it in august and when school hit me, it was born. my first teat animation for flash. first i kept it for my friends and myself but i decided to upload it to newgrounds just for the lol-s


2) i will try to improve in summer:

Since its a test, a lot of improvement is to be seen in summer because after i finish little animation cource (9 month cource for people who want to get to know the world of animation) i will start improving myself with Flash, Photoshop and AfterEffects. But there will be no animations seen before 2018.

I just wanted to cover that quickly (just in case). Tere is no need to take it seriously :-)


(i even dont exactly know the reason for this posts exictance XD)

Posted by Ramn0 - February 12th, 2017

My most complex project yet.

My most complex project yet

Little peek to my next project. 

Posted by Ramn0 - November 27th, 2016

So i finally managed to upload new (and probably the last 2016) track.

It was pretty cool to work on, but end was dragged on too long so i just gave up trying and ended what should have ended 1 month ago XD



Posted by Ramn0 - September 18th, 2016

Well howdy.

Since im new in this community i dont have much to say as a beginner.

Well... i do music and slowly dragging mysef to animation world too (dont get exided tho)

What else...

...I Quess nothing right now, but ill post more in the future (when something happens)